William David Tatum, a nephew

The genealogy of William David Tatum presently known begins in l716 through 2016. Research is continuing in Ireland to determine the parents of his great, great, great, great, great grandfather & grandmother.

Charities for the BLIND, DEAF, PHYSICALLY-CHALLENGED in Ireland, France, Scotland & England will be established to pay homage to the ancestors of William Tatum depicted on this web site under GENEALOGY.  CLARKE-England - GARVIN - Scotland -

GOURDIN - France - CUMMINGS-MAGDEN - Ireland- 25% of all proceeds from this web site will be paid over to these charities.

William David Tatum was the keynote speaker at the African-American Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame Banquet held on July 8th, 2004 to honor Olympians.  The event was entitled:  Celebration of Black Olympians-l904-2004.  Mr. Arif Khatib is the founder of the Sports Hall of Fame and learned from Mal Whitfield, Olympic Champion in l948 & l952 that William David Tatum had secured in Paris, France the film of Edward Orval Gourdin competing in the l924 Olympic Long Jump.  The event was won by William DeHart Hubbard, the first African-American to win an individual gold medal, Edward Orval Gourdin was the first to win an individual silver medal. The Sports Hall of Fame had the Bronze Winner of l904. (see www.afrosportshall.com - photographs)

It was at that event that William David Tatum gave his speech From Slavery To Achievement l716-2016 and secured the names of the ten OLYMPIANS to place on the BUSTS and STATUE of Edward Orval Gourdin.

The names of the charitable institutions referenced above are the ancestors of William David Tatum.

A BUST of Edward Orval Gourdin will be placed in the charitable institutions named above.

DNA sampling is underway to determine the African region and Tribe of William David Tatum. 

Once found a BUST of Edward Orval Gourdin will be placed in that villiage!

William David Tatum has been an international entrepreneur functioning in the United States, Europe and the Caribbean in the domain of import-export - banking - consulting from 1960 - 1985 - Retirement to the South of France took place in 1985-1987 - Returning to consulting activities in the above mentioned domains from 1987 through 2005.  Accepting the mandate to bring honor and recognization to his Uncle, Edward Orval Gourdin, William established the www.eogourdin.com web site.  To pay homage to his high school, Boston English High School, for the education he received - William established the  web site.  Four other web sites are in various stages of construction to carry out his mission of "service to others".