Gourdin Timeline


Born:  Jacksonville, Florida l897

Deceased: Boston, Ma. l966

Class Valedictorian - Stanton High School, Est. l916 - Jacksonville, Fla.

Graduate of Harvard College & Harvard Law School

Dual Meets - Harvard - Yale

In l9l9 -  Mr. Gourdin placed first in the broad jump and second in the 440 yard dash.

In l920 he placed first in the broad jump and second in the 220 yard dash, and third in the l00 yard dash.

In l92l, he placed first in the l00-yard dash and broad jump, second in the 220 yard dash.

Mr. Gourdin was recognized as a three-time winner of the university's H letter for his performances. He received the distinction in l9l9, l920 and l92l.

Established the World Record (a first) in the long jump of 25' 3" on July 23rd, l92l. 

Dual Meet - Harvard - Yale - Oxford - Cambridge.. 

Was introduced to Amelia Ponce, age l6, who would become his wife. 

This World Record in the long jump is the oldest track and Field Record at Harvard University.

National Pentathlon Champion l92l & l922 (five events - discus - javelin - long jump - l00 yard dash - l500 yards)

Silver Medalist, l924 Olympic Games, Paris, France - Winner - William DeHart Hubbard

First African American to win an individual gold medal - Edward Orval Gourdin. 

First African-American to win a silver medal.

Retired from the National Guard as a Brigadier General - A First in the State of Massachusetts.

By National Elections appointed President of the l964 Olympic Committee.

On May 1, 1997 a portrait of Edward Orval Gourdin was unveiled in the Great Hall of the Suffolk Superior Court House in Boston, Massachusetts. Gourdin would have been 100 years old that year. 

Gourdin was the first African American appointed to the Massachusetts Superior Court. The portrait of Gourdin was painted by Weston's Robert T. Freeman an renowned artist and teacher from Ghana who was a visiting scholar and art teacher at Harvard University.

Above are the reasons for stating that Edward Orval Gourdin was A Great Harvard Scholar, Athlete, Soldier & Judge!


Submitted by William David Tatum, a Nephew.     

The Photograph

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Edward Orval Gourdin Establishing the World Record of 25' 3" during the dual meet held on July 23, l92l in Harvard Stadium between Harvard-Yale-Oxford-Cambridge.  On that day, Edward Orval Gourdin won the l00 yard dash defeating Harold Abraham who would become the l924 Olympic l00 yard Champion.

This web site features the photographs secured from the Harvard University Imaging Laboratory of the l9l9, l920, l92l Harvard Track team.  The l92l Harvard College graduation Photograph of Edward Orval Gourdin.  The l924 Harvard Law School Graduation Photograph wherein Edward Orval Gourdin was placed in front of the class! Several photographs given to William David Tatum by his Mother, Thelma Gourdin will also be shown. NONE ARE FOR SALE!!!

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DNA sampling is presently taking place to determine the African region and actual tribal origins of William David Tatum. When discovered, a BUST of Edward Orval Gourdin will be placed in that Village.

This final act in Africa will confirm the speech given on many occasions by William David Tatum, “FROM SLAVERY TO ACHIEVEMENT” 1716 - 2016 (SEE GENEALOGY)

William David Tatum presents the photograph and Poster of Edward Orval Gourdin

                                                                                                                                                                                      Office Mayor John Peyton                                                                                             April 16, 2008 Jacksonville, Florida


                                                                                         Office Mayor John Peyton

                                                                                          April 16, 2008 Jacksonville, Florida

Representatives of Mayor John Peyton accepting poster of Edward Orval Gourdin & his photograph establishing world record long jump of 25’ 3” on July 23, 1921 in Harvard Stadium

Listed from Right to Left is:

Carol Alexander, Director of the Ritz Theatre and Lavilla Museum

Coach James Day, Bob Hayes Invitational Track Meet

Councilperson Glorious Johnson, City of Jacksonville

William David Tatum

Jacqueline Brown, Executive Assistant to Alan Mosley, Chief Administrative Officer

Roslyn Phillips, Chief Community Officer for the City of Jacksonville

Sandra Hull Richardson, Director of Adult Services Division for the City of Jacksonville

Kathy Robinson, Executive Assistant to Roslyn Phillips

Bridgett Green, Executive Assistant to Councilman Johnny Gaffney

    Rev. Hugh Chapman accepting   Edward Orval Gourdin W  orld Record   P  hotograph     April 20, 2008 Jacksonville, Florida


Rev. Hugh Chapman accepting Edward Orval Gourdin World Record Photograph

 April 20, 2008 Jacksonville, Florida

The Olympians

William David Tatum was the keynote speaker at the African American Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame event: Celebration of Black Olympians l904 - 2004.  This event was held on July 8th, 2004 in Sacramento, Ca. on the evening of the Olympic Trials..  Mr. Arif Khatib, Founder of the Hall of Fame learned from Mal Whitfield, Olympic Champion at 800 meters in l948 & l952 that William David Tatum had secured a film of the long jump from the l924 Olympic Games held in Paris, France.  William DeHart Hubbard won the long jump becoming the first African American to win an Olympic Gold Medal.  Edward Orval Gourdin finished second becoming the first African American to win a silver medal.  Mr. Khatib had garnered the the name and image of the bronze medal winner.  William David Tatum provided the gold and silver medal winners to complete the trinity for the banquet audience to view..

The speech given to the Hall of Fame banquet audience was entitled: 

From Slavery To Achievement: l716 - 2016

The following OLYMPIANS were secured to place their names on the BUSTS and STATUE of Edward Orval Gourdin.

Alice-Coachman Davis - Olympic high jump gold - l948 Olympic Games - London, England - First African American woman to win a gold medal

John Y. Woodruff - Gold - 800 Meters - l936 Olympic Games - Berlin, Germany

Mal Whitfield - Gold - 800 Meters l948 & l952 Olympic Games - First Man In the World To Win Consecutive 800 Meter Titles

Herbert P. Douglas, Jr. - Bronze - Long Jump - l948 Olympic Games

Edith McGuire Duvall - 200 meter Gold - l00 meters - l00 meters silver - 400 meters silver - l964 Olympic Games

Wyomia Tyus - l00 meters gold - 400 meters relay silver - l964 Olympic Games - l00 meters gold - 400 meters relay gold - l968 Olympic Games - Only woman to win two consecutive l00 meter titles in an Olympic Games

Reginald Pearman - 800 Meters - Helsinki l952

John Carlos - Bronze - 200 meters l968 Olympic Games

Dr. Josh Culbreath - Silver - 400 meter hurdles - l956 Olympic Games

Submitted by William David Tatum, A Nephew