Joseph Yancey

Jamaica Flyers Watch

The Joseph Yancey "Jamaica Flyers" Watch to commemorate his tenure as the international track and field coach of the Jamaican Olympic team from 1948-1956.....................$100.00



"Joseph Yancey founded the New York Pioneer Club in 1936.  Joe took me in to run with the

 Club in the indoor track season of 1953.  His assistants were Horace Wall and Edward Levy.

 Joe visited several of the Islands in 1947 and selected Jamaica, W. I. as the island with a

 unique history of revolution against slavery.  He knew no African American would be allowed to Coach

 an American track team for the coming Olympic Games of 1948 to be held in London, England.


 During the indoor track season of 1953 held in Madison Square Garden I had the opportunity

 of competing against the Great Jamaicans, Herbert McKinley, George Rhoden, Arthur Wint

 and Lang.  Joe coached the Jamaican Olympic Team in 1948, 1952 and 1956.  These

 Jamaicans were called the GRAND STREET BOYS.  The sacrifices endured by Joe were



 It is fitting and proper that I pay homage to the MEMORY of Joseph Yancey with the creation of the

 JAMAICA FLYER WATCH. ALL JAMAICAN children can become Jamaican Flyers in their respective fields of future 

 employment.  ALL fields of education will be open to these children for they will not forget the

 origins of this unexpected GIFT.


 In 1838 after 276 years of slavery, the spirit of the Jamaican citizens caused the English 

 Parliament to see clearly that independence must be given to those Jamaicans whose

 revolts continued until such a time that it was not only economically and politically to

 free these champions of freedom but a NECESSITY.  The Kingston Church was crowded

 that day.  A coffin was inscribed that day:


                        "Colonial Slavery died July 31st, 1838.aged 276 years," church members 

                         placed an iron punishment collar, a whip, and chains.  As midnight drew 

                         near the congregation sang:


                                  The death-blow is struck-see the monster is dying,

                                   He cannot survive till the dawn streaks the sky;

                                   In one single hour, he will prostrate by lying,

                                   Come, shout o'er the grave where so soon he will lie.


Joe might not have known this unique history of slavery in the West Indies, yet after visiting

several of the Islands, Jamaica, W. I. was chosen.  The world records set by the aforementioned

Jamaicans signaled that a future dynasty would come into existence allowing the children of

this Island to undertake track and field as a guide to future greatness in the sciences and even

in all blue collar occupations.


May JOSEPH YANCEY, HORACE WALL AND EDWARD LEVY who guided me in the indoor

track season of 1953 and the outdoor season of 1954 never be forgotten for their true service

to the citizens of Jamaica, W. I.  My image is on the web site under

my name William Tatum.  I anchored the one mile relay and my jersey reads - N Y P C


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